Serving as a caddie for a disruptor brand in the golf space

A collaborative partnership

18 Birdies launched with a vision to re-invent the game of golf and make it more appealing to a younger, community-focused demographic. The company needed to utilize all channels and touchpoints in creative ways to meaningfully connect and earn loyalty from players, courses and the golf industry.

Starting with a very small set of core brand assets, Graphiti helped the client grow the visual brand and apply disruptive strategies across all channels. From in-app gamification experiences to user-centric website experiences to trend-forward merchandise, we delivered out of the box thinking and proven results.

  • Visual Identity
  • Digital Experience
  • Messaging
  • Content strategy
  • Branded merchandise
  • Tradeshow Experience
  • Photography

A user-centric online experience

18birdies.com was built with the vision to continuously add content crafted to appeal to very distinct personas on their unique journey on the site. By ideating compelling and enjoyable proprietary content, we were able to effectively build traffic - and give players, courses and partners reasons to return to the site and share their experience.

Sweepstakes campaign strategy

To drive new adoption of the app, we launched a sweepstakes-style campaign that rewarded players for different types of engagement. Players earned “golf bucks” that they could then enter to win equipment, merchandise, trips and VIP experiences for actions such as getting friends to onboard and using new app features. The gamified campaign experience was appropriately bright, fun and complementary to the 18Birdies brand.


Educational content strategy

We found that brand new golfers often feel intimidated by the game itself as well as the more experienced players on the greens. To assuage their fears, we developed a quirky, authentic persona as a friendly go-to resource. The Marshall not only knows all the rules, but also wants you to have fun on the course and get the most out of your game.


PGA Tradeshow Experience

To stand out and effectively compete for attendee mindshare at a crowded event, we sent 18Birdies to the show floor with a non-traditional presence. Amongst the sea of green-hued booths, 18Birdies stood out in dominant sky blue. An interactive touchscreen experience, a golf party and imaginative giveaways lured in booth visitors and provided a memorable brand experience.

Booth and uniform design

  • Playful, dynamic patterns were used to highlight activities and App features
  • Brand ambassadors were highly visible in bold 18 Birdies argyle patterned pants and skirts
  • A branded craps table was used to demonstrate how betting worked in the App and engage booth visitors

Using technology to attract visitors

  • A data-driven interactive experience showcased the 18Birdies network, onboarded players, popular courses, and regional stats
  • A large phone touchscreen installation allowed attendees to demo a larger-than-life App experience
Floater Branding 1@2x
Floater Branding 2@2x

Branded merchandise

To boost brand presence at events and tournaments, we helped 18Birdies build out an arsenal of swag. From brand ambassador attire to trend-setting wearables, we provided ideation, design and resourcing support.

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