Case Study


Old game, new rules

Founded by lovers of the sport, 18Birdies is a golf app targeted at a younger, hipper and more diverse audience than those traditionally associated with the game. By focusing on social and interactive elements, the app meets Millennials on their turf, and the 18Birdies team came to us for help evolving their bourgeoning brand without compromising their admiration for golf’s rich history.

Partnering from the 1st hole

Working with a start-up is about being nimble, flexible, and fast—you’re present at the creation and that means embracing a fluid approach. With that working dynamic, we built the 18Birdies website in an iterative manner; as the app took on new features, we scaled the site, and adjusted visual and narrative elements of the brand to align with product updates. We also collaborated with their marketing team to formulate the correct brand voice to encompass the brand’s irreverent reverence for the game, and nuance that voice across social channels—that most millennial of mediums.

Digital Experience

  • UX
  • UI
  • Content strategy
  • Blog design

Retail & Environment

  • Tradeshow Booth
  • Wearables


Over the past year, we’ve helped 18Birdies run up the score. In addition to establishing their digital presence, we’ve given the brand voice through email marketing templates, PGA tradeshow booth graphics and swag, and print collateral. We’ve also developed original content for “The Marshal,” their saucy online persona who embodies everything fun about golf and eschews the stuffiness that has kept the broader public thinking of golf as a sport relegated to country clubs and gated communities.