Case Study

Bayou Steel Group

Stoking the brand of an innovative steel producer

Owned and operated by seasoned industry veterans, Bayou Steel is a proudly independent maker of long carbon steel with a national reach, and mills in Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee. They enlisted our help raising their brand profile to reflect their service-driven, nimble approach, focused around longstanding partnerships, unique distribution capabilities, and an unwavering commitment to efficiency and safety.

Forging the foundation

Traveling down south to company HQ in Laplace, Louisiana, we immersed ourselves into the world of Bayou Steel, interviewing leadership, management, and employees for an understanding of their culture and heritage. Out of that immersion, we created a positioning framework and brand strategy, and designed a corporate mark and supporting visual identity that captured, enumerated, and celebrated their core vision and values.

Brand Strategy

  • Strategy and positioning
  • Messaging framework
  • Visual design
  • Logotypes
  • Identity guidelines

Digital Experience

  • Web design
  • Copywriting
  • Search optimization
  • WordPress development

Raising the beams

With the branding bedrock in place, we designed and built a responsive website detailing all aspects of their operations—steelmaking, forging, rolling, and recycling—as well as interviews with leadership and longtime employees discussing their varied experiences at the company and thoughts on the future of the industry. Instead of a regional player content to stay that way, the public sees a rounded, human portrait of a company ready to compete coast-to-coast.