Zumiez Catalog Work

Retail Catalog

One of three yearly direct mail catalogs designed to entice teens and their parents into the store by featuring target trending brands.

Marketing Communications, Retail & Environmental
Two Herschel brand backpacks and one purse, on a pink background with an illustrated rose pattern
Two catalog spreads on a blue background; one Nike SB shoes and clothing, one Vans skate shoes
An image showing the backpack page from the Zumiez catalog, featuring 12 backpacks on a background illustration of Pac Man.
Advertisement showing Vans skate shoes in white, red, and black colorways with the Vans logo, and the call out "reflective"
Catalog spread with one page turning, on a pink background. Pages show woman wearing a Vans sweatshirt, carrying a Vans backpack, in addition to three pairs of blue Vans shoes.
Zumiez Catalog page featuring Lurking Class t-shirts and sweatshirts on a dark grey background.
Zumiez retail catalog's skate board page on an orange background.